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About Us

We are obsessed with conversions and turning visitors into customers. Our experience of almost 20 years with websites and e-commerce led us to create this website. All the concepts we have learned and tested during this time were condensed at The Prospect Farmer.

It’s hard to get a prospect and harder to turn him into a customer. That is why we are committed to helping you to make these tasks easier by providing the necessary resources so that you can have more time to manage your business.

Every day increases the number of offers, brands, competitors and is more difficult to attract the attention of potential customers for your business. You spend on advertising, but do not get the result you want, simply because consumers are bombarded with thousands of ads every day. How to be noticed in the middle of this giant wave of advertisers? This is the question that most business owners make when they decide to put money into marketing. Undoubtedly, it is an important question, but it is not correct for the current scenario. The right question is: “How do I get more customers to my business?”. Now you must be thinking, “What’s the difference? If I can draw the attention of my target audience with my ads, I can bring more customers to my business.” True, but not enough. As we said, everyone does the same thing and that means you divide the attention of your audience with other advertisers. In addition, there is another more important factor that you may not be taking into account.

People tend to buy from whom they know and trust. This is the reason that famous brands have the preference of most of the public. These brands spend a lot on “branding” (brand awareness), just to show consumers that the brand is solid and reliable. The solution to not spend millions on branding is to build credibility through relationships with your prospects. And that brings us to a completely different approach to your ads. You stop trying to sell your products/services to people who do not recognize your brand and begin to make connections and develop a real relationship with your target audience.

The excessive number of offers and advertisements in all media makes traditional advertising less efficient than it once was. Consumers are increasingly proactive. When someone wants to buy something, the first thing they do is access a search engine on the Internet (in about 90% of the time, Google).

Considering the above points, your campaigns (online and offline) must have the goal of capturing the contact details of potential customers. While other companies try to sell to them, you must let the sale aside and focus on catching prospects (potential customers). It will be much easier to sell once you have established a relationship of trust with your future client.

If you do not know how to contact the people who see your ads or visit your website, then you may be losing a lot of sales. It’s like someone who enters a store, quickly looks the goods and leaves. If this person does not come back later to buy, the merchant has lost the opportunity to talk to them, understand their needs and make the sale. Now imagine if, in exchange for some benefit to the consumer, the merchant could get the contact details of almost all who come into his store just to look? What do you think would happen after a few positive contacts with these potential customers? What is the possibility of them buy something in the store at some future time? Undoubtedly, much higher than before, right?

And where The Prospect Farmer enters in this equation? The answer is simple: we provide insights about simple and practical ways for you to capture prospects through your website, hot site, online shop or blog. If you own a store, restaurant or any other place of business our products and courses can help multiply your sales. And if your business is online, within minutes you can start reaping the results. To better understand how to implement the right strategy for your type of business, follow the links below and good sales!


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