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Conversion – Turn Visitors into Prospects

There’s no point spending a fortune on online listings and receiving thousands of visitors to your website if you do not convert it into sales for your business. A lot of people who visit your site are just curious and take a look at your offer. They are not likely to make a purchase at that moment. The problem is that this visitor goes away and you lose the chance to interact with him. After all, if you establish a relationship with him, tomorrow or later, he may become your customer. The best way to transform the visitor into a “prospect” is to offer something of value in exchange for their contact information. The old formula of “subscribe to our newsletter” no longer works well. You need to offer something more interesting. It can be a discount coupon for a future purchase or some kind of gift as an e-book, wallpaper, etc. After filling out a simple form, the user receives a link to download the freebie or print your coupon. We recommend the lowest possible number of fields in the form, where the e-mail, of course, is the most important.

Keep the Relationship

To turn a visitor into a “prospect”, you should start an ongoing relationship with him. Send periodic relevant information about your products, services and offers. Another way is to send other types of content that can help your “prospects” to learn useful things. Relevant and consistent information should be the basis of this relationship. A restaurant, for example, can send special recipes for registered customers while offering a discount on a next meal. It is also important that you monitor the behavior of your “prospects” and direct your offers to products and services in which they have shown more interest. Which of your sent messages were opened? Which pages of products/services were most visited? What is the frequency of these visits? This and other statistical information can help you make the next sale.

Encourage the Visitor to Take an Action

If you have money left to do “branding” (advertise only your brand), then you can afford to have the visitor just take a look at your site and leave. But if you want to maximize the results of your campaign, you need the visitor to take an action. This action can be “buy”, “register”, “contact” or any other that makes sense for your business. The choice of which action to highlight in your “landing page” depends on each type of offer and the strategy behind your campaign. You should take into account factors such as: it is more difficult for a visitor to make a purchase than to register to receive a discount coupon. Therefore, you should assess whether it is better to try to make a sale right away or just sign on the visitor, to have the opportunity to talk to him and make the sale later. The action may be a button, link, or form. Regardless of format, the action must be prominent on the page.

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