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Offer a Gift

If a customer visits your website it’s because he is interested in what you have to offer. The problem is that if you do not have a chance to talk to him, you will probably lose the sale. One very effective way to attract his attention is to offer something of value to him. Everyone loves something for free.

Catch the data

To receive the gift, the visitor will have to provide basic contact information. In a simple and straightforward way, he fills: name, e-mail and telephone number (and other information that you consider important). These data are stored and used later to maintain a relationship with this customer.

Close the sale

The opportunity to maintain a relationship with the customers that visit your site is priceless! If you spend a small fortune on online ads or traditional media to receive a bunch of visits and is not able to talk to these visitors, you are just burning money. Catch the data and close the sale!

The old “Sign Up Our Newsletter” doesn’t work anymore.

You need more creative ways to get the contact data from your visitors. This includes the visitors of your bricks and mortar business, if you have one.

People are overhelmed with reward and fidelity cards, despite that it’s generally expensive to establish a rewards program anyway. The best approach is to offer something of value to your visitors and get their contact data in exchange.

This is how the concept behind The Prospect Farmer works.

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