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Professional Website

Your site will only attract customers to your business if they see that you are professional in what you do. A poor and outdated website can have the exact opposite effect: repel customers and create a negative image of your product or service. It is very common for professionals and small businesses to opt for “homemade” solutions to build the website. The problem with this approach is that, in most cases, it would be better not to have a website. Just putting something there with amateur layout and irrelevant content can do more harm than good. Another point that must be considered in developing a website is the use of tablets and smartphones to access the Internet. Depending on your type of business, your website is likely to receive more visitors through mobile devices than laptops and computers. Therefore, your website should be developed with “responsive” technology that automatically adapts the layout to any screen size. Hiring a specialized company to build your website is the first step to a successful online presence.

Updated and Relevant

The content of your website must be relevant. Your visitors must see the value in what you offer. They should find useful information to help them make decisions and to demonstrate that you or your company are committed to providing the best possible online experience. It is important that you update your pages periodically. The frequency depends on the type of product or service that is offered, but websites that do not get updates for more than 30 days are easily forgotten by customers. If you do not have the time needed to do the updates, consider hiring a company or professional for this task.

Make Sharing Easy

The internet is the best channel ever created for “word-of-mouth” propaganda. Interesting and relevant content on the net is spread virally in a matter of minutes. You should take advantage of this behavior of the online world to advertise your company, products and services. Articles, videos and other content should be accompanied by tools to facilitate sharing like social network links and a “send to a friend” feature, for example.

Monitor and Adjust

Which pages of your website are most popular? What product/service arouses more interest? At what point of the visit does the customer leave your site? This and other information can be valuable when adjusting the content and structure of your website to attract more visitors and generate more business. The use of tools such as Google Analytics, for example, adds intelligence to your website and allows you to understand how visitors see your content. A website that monitors the visitor’s behavior and adapts to make the browsing experience better will generate increasing and consistent results.

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