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What is a good communication schema?

Communication: format, timing and frequency. Talking to your customers is, without a doubt, the most important task of all. The most amazing thing is that the vast majority of ecommerce sites misses unique opportunities to conquer and captivate customers. A communication schema that has a trigger with a specific action for each important situation is relatively simple to implement. It requires proper tools and people to do the pre and post sales service. If a client does the checkout, it means you have the data necessary to close the sale, even if he quit paying at the last moment. Realizing that the customer left the store in time to pay, you should give this customer other options or offer a discount, free shipping or a gift to complete the purchase. In our opinion, this contact should be made, preferably by phone. Sending an e-mail in a situation like this could be too cold, not to mention that the email might not be opened by the customer. No matter how small the value of the sale, a customer won this way is much more likely to return and buy again in your store. Try to cover the greatest number of possible situations in your communication schema.


send an e-mail with a special discount on the customer birthday;

offer an extension on an expired guarantee on a product purchased a year ago

send emails confirming the order, payment, shipment of goods, etc;

send a survey a few days after the delivery of the product;

when launching a new product, offer priority and special discounts for special customers.

Unsatisfied customers may destroy your business. Keep an eye on all possible channels where your customer can negatively reference your store. If a complaint is not answered on one of these sites, this can directly affect your sales and your profits. Whenever faced with a complaint, try to answer as soon as possible. Be sincere in your response, but yield in favor of the customer. Be honest (even if it means admitting a mistake). You gain respect from consumers who are following the progress of the complaint. Put someone to snoop on social networks. Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account to interact with the public.

Creativity can generate lots of money

The number of online shops increases by thousands every day.  They all want to attract the attention of consumers with promotions, enticing benefits, etc. Internet users are tired of this format. They receive dozens of offers every day and most don’t even look at them. Be creative. Invent different ways to attract new customers. Get out of the crowd. Find success stories of companies that created campaigns which attracted millions of internet users who watched and shared the commercial in social networks.


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