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There is no question that both home buyers and sellers want to work with a Real Estate agent they feel has a good grasp of what is going on in the city or town. After all buying and selling a home typically is one of the biggest financial decisions someone will make in their lives. If you have the opportunity to work with a local Real Estate expert why wouldn’t you?

This is what successful Real Estate Agents say about being recognized as “The Expert”:

“Successful real estate branding can’t be accomplished with just a fancy logo or a catchy motto. The real secret behind strong real estate brands is a combination of creative elements and on-point messaging into a coherent identity. And if you want to become a real estate branding champion, it takes valuable content, a strong media presence, and regular interaction with your audience to convey that identity.” – Matthew Bushery

“I started with a large national brokerage because I thought they had a lot of experience to offer, which they did. The problem was that their experience was dated and the internet had changed everything since. My gut feeling was that I should be putting many hours into my online presence. I quit after 18 months and my business finally started to take off after I pursued the internet like I originally thought I should.” – Andrew Fortune

“Get a good website right away, invest in marketing materials and tell everyone you meet you are a Realtor. Be a creative marketer…team up with someone and do events, use Meetup, try whatever you can to get customers. Advertise on whatever channel(s) you choose and advertise consistently, send mailings to a farm area which you choose carefully.” – Marcia Boston

“Looking back upon my real estate career if there was one thing I wished I started doing sooner it would be creating community pages on my website. For those who are scratching their head and wondering what the heck a community page is it can be best described as a local Wikipedia page for the towns or cities you do business in. Community pages are great because they establish a Realtor as a local expert.” – Bill Gassett

“I strongly suggest to agents they have some type of CRM program. Repeat business and referral business should be one of the biggest sources of a real estate professionals year to year business. With no follow up plans or drip campaigns in place, many agents fall out of touch with their past clients and when the time comes to buy or sell, they have forgotten completely who their Realtor was.” – Kyle Hiscock

“If I was just getting started in real estate, I’d tell myself to start treating it like a business immediately. Start building my brand and my business, don’t wait for my broker or Zillow to give me leads. I’d start right out with a custom website, learn some basic SEO, and start blogging like a machine. I’d get out and network, meet people and get my brand out there. That’s what I’d tell my younger self.” – Karen Highland

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