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Targeted Campaigns

When creating online campaigns, try to be specific. Generic ads are less effective than those that direct the customer to a product, service or promotion. The target page must be clear and well defined. Institutional ads, such as “Our Company is the leader in electronics” are for those who have money left to spend. If you need immediate results, the ad should be “gadget X for just $ 9.99. Today Only! “. Before spending money with online ads, set your goals. Who will be your target audience? How will you measure the results? This is the only way to ensure that your investment will be well spent.

Specific Pages

The links of your online ads must be targeted to a specific page of the product, service or promotion. Creating an ad that directs the user to your “home page” is not the smartest way to advertise on the Web. When someone searches for a topic on Google, for example, he or she wants something very specific. If your offer matches exactly what the user is looking for, the odds of making a new customer are much higher. The landing page should contain relevant information about the product, service or promotion. The visitor should understand your offer and have the means to get in touch or make a purchase. There are some techniques used by experienced web designers to create the environment for each type of desired action: register, buy, contact, etc. It is important that you hire professional help to develop your “landing page”.

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